Samples Document

We understand that you may even be contemplating completing the application on your own and may only desire to see some sample documents to gauge the quality of content in the documents, the structure and even the stories used. To cater to this need, we are providing a set of documents that you can download for free. However, to access sample documents from successful candidates for a particular university, we charge a nominal fee. Tell us what you need and we will send you the documents accordingly.

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For each download for university specific sample you will be charged INR 500

Essays and SOPs

A complete set of services that include all Services.

  • Academics not good - explained.docx
  • Accomplishment - hotfixing code when team disagrees.docx
  • Advice Received.docx
  • Army background - Additional Info essay.docx
  • Career Objective and Why MBA.docx
  • Current Duties and Responsibilities.docx
  • Demonstrated leadership and mentoring-new.docx
  • English Language Proficiency-new.docx
  • Ethical Dilemma-new.docx
  • Future Consulting Role Details-new.docx
  • Learning from FAILURE-new.docx
  • Primary Job Responsibilities-new.docx


This includes working with you on your essays to finalize them for submission.


This is for applicants who want to create a professional and world class resume for any application.