Prior Background

We are a small group of people with the passion to help others in realizing their education and career goals. Our founders consist of people who have themselves been in your shoes while applying for their MBA. We sought admissions guidance from large consulting companies but ended up getting disappointed with our results, wasting time, energy and money in the process but most importantly getting demotivated. Each one of us had faced this and that’s when after completing our MBA we decided to help out others and be a partner and a coach in their application process rather than just being an external consultant.

Exposure and Expertise

Our founders come from top-tier colleges in undergrad including IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur and top-tier colleges globally including Indian School of Business, Simon Rochester. The team has huge industry experience in Telecom, Resources, Products, Financial Services and Public Services organizations. Moreover, the team has high expertise in areas of Supply Chain, Finance, HR, Management Consulting and Sales & Marketing. Professionally we have part of company recruitment teams and have conducted 200+ job interviews testing industry skills of the applicants. Hence, when you partner with us for your university application, we will have deep insight into your industry and work function. This will help us provide quality inputs and cull out the right stories to be put into the application. Till date, we have worked with 300+ applicants covering more than 100 colleges globally. We have conducted 1000+ mock interviews and are fully aware of different patterns of interviews that universities undertake.

Passion for Coaching

On our personal side, we are all very people-friendly in nature, passionate for our work and persevering in our efforts to achieve excellence. In engaging with you we will be very straight forward and honest with our feedback and at the same time we will provide most pertinent inputs to improve your profile. In 2012, our founders got together to start this venture to merge our strengths with our passion to help people realize their goals. We believe in forming informal connects and each of our client has gone back with a strong bonding with us. In fact a large number of people we support for application services are referred candidates by others who got their dreams realized in partnering with us. We have helped hundreds of candidates transform their candidature to get accepted into some of the best schools across the world.

If you are still looking for reasons to engage with us, read on what our previous clients had to say about us.