How will your journey be with us?

Our experience tells us that applicants often lose focus while applying for a B-school. Things could go wrong at any stage, from school selection to application submission to appearing for interviews. We have established a high touch engagement process to enable you to reach the best outcomes.

Understanding your life story

In our experience, we have seen that while applying for a program an applicants often is not able to understand what to include and what to exclude. The applicant gets confused by myriads of suggestions from others and loses focus. We understand this and hence go with a established process to understand your life story in a structured and comprehensive manner.

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Discuss Career Plans

Once we understand the highlights of your life, we will go about discussing your future aspirations and the associated career plan you have. We find applicants going for higher studies purely on competitive pressure or to get away from their current work profile. We will help you introspect and then set right expectations along with getting complete clarity on your chosen path.

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Select Best Universities for You

After knowing about your profile as well as your career aspirations, we will identify universities and programs that suit you the most. We will also help you gather more information about the program before you apply there. After detailed discussions, we will shortlist the universities where you should apply to. If your expectations are too high or too low, we will discuss it with you and help you aim at the right targets.

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Prepare and Submit

Thereafter, we will start with you on your application for the program. We will help you full comprehend the application requirement and start preparing recommendation letters, Essays, Resume and other Application details. We will ensure that your story is best depicted in the application overall and cover each of the highlights through the most appropriate documents.

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Crack the Interview

For the interviews, we will not wait for the shortlists to come and start preparing you immediately after you submit the application. Universities often give only a week or two to schedule the interview hence early preparations help in getting ready most comprehensively. We will share with you the asked questions and also conduct multiple mock interviews to prepare you for different areas such as your professional experience, career goals, personality traits, guestimates and even general awareness.

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Get Results and Prepare for Campus

When the results are announced, you will either be admitted or waitlisted or rejected. Each situation requires different strategies to ensure you get the best deal. In case of an admit, we will discuss try to explore or maximise your scholarship value. If you are waitlisted, we will discuss the follow up strategy for this university. If, in unfortunate situation, you get a reject, we will work with you to understand any weaker areas that we should work on, and we will proceed with your next applicaion.

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